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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers free from rats. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure rats are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for pest control services in Lake Field.

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Accessible, affordable, and high-quality rat control services in Lake Field. Done by insured and licensed exterminators. Properly equipped professionals that have access to effective tools and equipment to eliminate rat presence from commercial and private properties. Technicians have access to commercial-grade rodenticides that get deployed in tamper-proof bait stations and powerful lethal snap traps that eliminate rats on contact. Rats will do anything possible to get inside the property from exploiting narrow holes around the building to uncovering drainage pipes, utility line gaps, foundation gaps, exterior vents, and even simply slipping in via garage doors. Technicians find rats by thorough inspections and get rid of them using repeatedly successful methods and techniques. Our rat removal process is covered with a 6-month service warranty. If rats return, we return at no additional cost. Call 705-535-1192

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Rat Treatment Preparation

Before treatment commences and the technician arrives on-site, we always send a detailed prep sheet with instructions so that the customers know what to do. We require that the customers declutter living spaces so that technicians easy can get to place they need to be. 


Inspection is part of the rat removal process and is included with the price. Technicians need to conduct an exterior and interior inspection to detect hotspots and areas of rat activity to understand rat movement and entry points. Once it is clear how they get inside, information is gathered, conveyed to the property owner, and then used in preparation for the extermination on the same day. 


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Extermination happens immediately after the inspection. For the interior, the technician places tamper-proof bait stations that contain rodenticide. Rats are attracted to smell and feed off it. These bait stations are carefully placed near places of high activity and hotspots. These bait stations are put in unnoticeable locations so that pets and children cannot get to them. They are also locked in extra security. Only a technician can open them with a special key. The bait is multi-feed. If a non-target species eats from it, it will not die since it’s low in toxicity. 

For the interior of the property. The technician places powerful snap traps to eliminate the rats on the spot. The snap traps deliver a fatal blow. The snap traps are designed in such a way that removing the rats is made easy. Technicians do not remove dead rats. 


Exclusion is a separate service and can certainly be done at an additional cost. It is highly recommended to have this done by professionals instead of third parties since rats can be accidentally locked in. We use the best materials that are proven and tested to work to seal and proof entry points that will prevent any future infestation. The materials we use are durable and long-lasting. We utilize aluminum flashing, fine steel mesh, concrete mortar, and other custom-made solutions and effective alternatives. Our rat exclusion service is covered by a 2-year service warranty. If rats return, we will do the same for no additional charge. 


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Rat Signs

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Rats will enter all sorts of spaces and properties if it fulfills their basic criteria, namely food and shelter. The rat will use its sharp incisors to gain access to the inside of these properties. These razor-sharp teeth can cut through metals, woods, and plastics. If you see a live rat, it’s time to call professional help. 

Rat droppings are a very unpleasant sight, but it gives an indication that a rat infestation is going on since they leave droppings indiscreetly. Rat feces are cylindrical in shape, dark in colour, and have pointed tips on each side. 

Rats have sharp teeth and will use that to gnaw on various items to leave rat teeth marks. They do this to keep their teeth in check since they grow at a very fast rate. Rat teeth marks can be often seen on kitchen cabinets, doors, and other furniture. 

Rats stay in outdoor burrows. These burrows are often found on the property close to the property itself. Burrows are holes in the ground where rats live and breed with multiple rats. Rat burrows have two holes one on each side with dirt around them. It is important that you hire a rat control professional to seal up the burrow and remove the rats to avoid an interior infestation.

Rat Hiding Places

Rats are great at hiding and staying under the radar for long periods of time. They are so good that they are often found dead. Rats stay in garages, attics, basements, and crawl spaces. To find the rats, you will need to hire professionals that know about their habits and nature. To hire us, call us. 

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Guaranteed Rat Removal in lake field

Effective high-quality rat control services in Lake Field. Performed by professional insured and licensed exterminators. Properly equipped with the right tools and knowledge to make your rat infestation history in no time. Our technicians go above and beyond to give you the results you need to live a rat-free life for good. Our rat removal services are covered with a 6-month service warranty. If rats decide to come back, we will do the same for no additional cost. Call Guaranteed, professional, and accessible pest control services right at your door in Lakefield. We remove raccoons from private and commercial properties using the successful methods that we have been using for years. We thoroughly inspect the property, remove the raccoon, and then seal the entry point completely so that no other wildlife animal can take advantage of the entry point ever again. All of our raccoon removal services are covered with an extensive 2-year service warranty. If raccoons come back, we will too for no additional charge! Call us at 705-535-1192